Scientific and methodological work service

The Service of Scientific and Methodological Work consists of three departments: “Archaeology and Ethnography”, “History of Kazakhstan”, “Art Department”. Scientific and methodological work is carried out by highly qualified specialists in their field: archaeologists, historians, ethnographers, art specialists - a total of 23 employees. Among them are 1 academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 candidate of philological sciences, 1 doctor of PhD and 13 masters.

The aims and objectives of the Scientific and Methodological Work Service:
* Fullfilment of scientific research, participation in scientific conferences and seminars.
* Ensuring the development of research projects that correpomds to the purpose and objectives of the Museum.
* Implementation of scientific and methodological work in accordance with the profile of the Service, scientific, methodological and consulting assistance in creating exhibitions in other museums and galleries in the region.
* Ensuring interaction with institutions, organizations, creative unions, interested departments in the popularization of science and history.
* Organization of partnership scientific relations with related research and educational organizations in the region, country and abroad.

The Research Department of Archeology is engaged in conducting archaeological research, examining archaeological exhibits of the museum's scientific fund, documenting them, and organizing expositional exhibitions. In addition, the museum staff conducts archaeological expeditions, surveys and excavations of historical and cultural monuments throughout the country. The specialists of the Department of Archaeology cover a wide range of problems from the Paleolithic to Modern times with their research.
Archaeological expeditions are one of the key areas of the department's research activities. They serve, on the one hand, as a powerful source of systematic replenishment of the museum collection, on the other hand, as a very effective field school for museum workers to improve their qualification level. In addition, the expedition materials serve as a scientifically sound source base for the effective organization of the museum's research activities.
The department of ethnography carries out work on research, popularization and preservation of the customs and traditions of the Kazakh people. The employees of the department perform tasks within the framework of research, scientific exposition, scientific search, scientific expeditionary, as well as scientific fund work of the museum.
Scientific publications, including scientific catalogs on archeology and ethnography, are published based on the results of the implementation of scientific research. All of them were highly appreciated by specialists and the scientific community not only in the republic, but also in the scientific circles of a number of foreign countries.
The participation of museum staff in major regional and international scientific conferences and other scientific forums and events testifies to the international recognition and relevance of the achievements and results of the museum's research activities.

The Department of Art carries out scientific activities in accordance with the provisions of the Charter and the scientific concept of the “National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Participates in formation and further improvement of the united and active information space for research and popularization of the fine art of Kazakhstan (painting, graphic arts, decorative-applied art, sculpture) and foreign artists on the basis of the National museum of the RK.
The main objectives of the Art Department are:
– design and holding of exhibitions;
- ensuring the preparation of material on the subject of expositions;
- developing the concept for acquisition of museum collections in the field of fine arts;
- exploration museum objects and collections;
- conducting an expert opinion on works of fine art.

The Department of History of Kazakhstan carries out scientific-research, scientific-educational, cultural-educational, scientific-publishing, scientific-fundamental and scientific-exhibitory works in accordance with the purposes, tasks and object of museum activity.
The aim is to investigate and study the history and culture of Kazakhstan on the basis of the museum's funds collections.
In order to implement tasks, the department carries out the following functions:
- study of collections held in museum collections, state archives and libraries;
- developing concepts for expositions and exhibitions, and publishing scientific articles;
- participation in scientific conferences, seminars, researches, scientific expeditions;
- provision of advisory assistance on the scientific activities of the Museum to structural divisions.