Museum Parade "Heritage of the Great Steppe"

On August 30, 2019, fr om 18:00 to 03:00, a solemn opening ceremony of the museum parade "Heritage of the Great Steppe", dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will take place. On this day, residents and guests of the capital will be able to visit the museum for free.

The purpose of the event is to popularize national values, history, culture, traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, as well as familiarize the audience with the activities of the museum, its exhibits and masterpieces.

Museum is a place wh ere historical and scientific monuments, works of art, cultural values ​​and much more are presented, and collection and scientific and educational activities are activated. The museum not only preserves the accumulated exhibits, but also plays a huge role in the study, dissemination and preservation of masterpieces. The museum as a scientific institution contributes to the formation of science, education, culture, contributes to the upbringing of the younger generation, the formation of historical consciousness. In this regard, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan implements various events. For the first time, the project “Heritage of the Great Steppe” is aimed at connecting the public with the cultural sphere of society and visually demonstrating the life of the museum. The project is implemented on various topics on the third Sunday of each month.

It is planned that during the opening ceremony of the celebration there will be a concert, master classes in applied arts, woodcarving, production of ceramic dishes, as well as excursions to the museum halls, quizzes, a fair of books, souvenirs and such national games as Togyzkumalak, Asykatu "," Schoenber "and others.

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the largest museum in Central Asia. It was created under the state program "Cultural Heritage" on behalf of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev.