History of the magazine "cultural heritage"

The history of the magazine "Madeni Mura" begins in 2002. Then in the city of Turkestan the II Republican scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of museum affairs in Kazakhstan: experience and prospects" was held. In accordance with the proposals of this conference, work began to publish a magazine, the content of which would be devoted to the museum business. Organizational activities began immediately and a month later a new magazine "Kazakhstan Muzeleri" was registered in the Ministry of Culture and Information. After the unprecedented humanitarian action in the history of modern Kazakhstan - the state program "Madeni Mura" began its activity, the thematic sphere of the journal expanded even more. And since 2007 the magazine began to be published under a new name - "Madeni Mura".

The editors of the magazine were professor, director of the Presidential Center of Culture U.Sh. Ibragimov (2002-2005), a prominent Kazakh writer, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan D. Doszhan (2005-2013).

At the beginning of 2014, the magazine is transferred under the wing of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this regard, the magazine, along with broad coverage of the topics of the state program "Madeni Mura", will touch upon the topics of international and domestic museum activities, paying special attention to the practical work of the National Museum, the country's main museum.

The thematic specialization of the journal will increase due to the attraction of well-known scientists, local historians, art historians, museum staff, writers and journalists. Particular attention is paid to the constant publication of scientific materials that deeply affect the issues of history, archeology, ethnography, ethnogenetics, ethnolinguistics, literary studies, cultural studies and museology. Popularization of the traditional values ​​of the museums of Kazakhstan and other countries, as well as the exhibits found in recent years, is also included in the tasks of the publication. The journal intends to intensify work on a new understanding of the national history and ancient culture of our people. At the same time, the issues of studying, restoring and preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the people will be raised. Materials of archaeological and ethnographic expeditions will be published, informative popular science portraits of the revered personalities of our people. We are distinguished by high scientific content, useful, meaningful factual material, systematization of materials, as well as a popular and accessible presentation. On the pages of the magazine, you will find informative articles on complex and interesting periods of history.

Headings titled "Madeni Mura" ("Cultural Heritage"), "Temirkazyk" ("Lighthouse"), "Museum Umiri" ("Museum Life"), "Tanym" ("Knowledge"), "Rukhaniyat" ("Spirituality" ), "Tula" ("Personality"), "Karmeler" ("Exhibitions"), "Tyk derek" ("New facts"), "Babalar murasy" ("Legacy of the ancestors"), "Alemdik madeniet" ("World culture ")," Alash "speak for themselves.

The circulation of the magazine "Madeni Mura" is 2,400 copies. 

writer, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Madeni Mura"