Exhibition activity

Hall of Ancient and Medieval History.

The exposition of the hall is represented by 4 thematic blocks: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Early Iron Age and the Middle Ages, and one subsection devoted to anthropological studies of the ancient population of Kazakhstan. The hall area is 1776.3 sq.m.

The hall "Traditional culture of the Kazakhs" is dedicated to the decorative and applied arts of the Kazakh people and occupies a special place in the promotion of traditions and customs, national values of nomadic civilization. The exposition of the hall presents jewelry of the Kazakh people of the XIX - XX centuries, traditional forms of clothing, felt jewelry, carpets and household utensils. The hall area is 672.8 sq.m.

"Kazakhstan tarikhy"

One of the main halls of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where the centuries–old history of the Kazakh land is presented, is the "History of Kazakhstan" hall. The total area of the hall is 1481.5 square meters. The exposition is deployed in a large and in two small halls. The main part of the exposition reflects the political events that took place in the Kazakh steppe from the XIII to the XX century, the formation of nomadic culture and the spiritual way of life of the Kazakh people. The exposition tells about the formation of the Kazakh state, the formation and development of statehood, the struggle of Kazakh tribes against the Dzungarian conquerors, the entry of Kazakh lands into the Russian Empire and other historical processes until the end of the twentieth century.

Hall "Intangible Cultural Heritage"

The exposition of the hall consists of 8 sections and is accompanied by video content. Intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan – customs, forms of representation and expression, knowledge and skills, as well as related tools, objects passed down from generation to generation and being intangible cultural value. The area of the hall is 647.7 sq.m.

The Nur-Sultan Hall

The Nur-Sultan City Hall is a systematic collection of the most important regulatory legal acts, exhibits, photo-documentary materials reflecting the history of the emergence, formation and development of the city of Nur-Sultan as the capital of independent Kazakhstan. The materials of the hall are organized in a chronicle-documentary order, which allows you to trace the history of the city from the era of antiquity to the present. The hall area is 2065.7 sq.m.

Hall "Independent Kazakhstan"

The hall of "Independent Kazakhstan" reflects the history from the moment of the proclamation of the republic as an independent state to the present day. The history, politics, economy, culture and art of the country are widely and comprehensively presented in the hall. The exposition of the hall is aimed at highlighting the historical role of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev in the formation and strengthening of an independent state. The hall area is 2065.7 sq.m.

Hall "Asyl Mura"

The main part of the exposition of the hall "Asyl Mura" consists of museum items from private collections. The collection of the statesman Imangali Tasmagambetov is a unique collection of masterpieces of applied art of the Kazakh people of the XVIII-XX centuries. Jewelry, women's and men's belts, horse ammunition, archaeological items are placed in the hall "Asyl Mura". The hall area is 486.3 sq.m.

Hall "Ancient Turkic civilization"

The hall "Ancient Turkic Civilization" is dedicated to the values of the material and spiritual culture of the Turks, who created their empire on the expanses of the Great Steppe.

Hall of "Ancient Art and Technologies of the Great Steppe"

The exhibition presents to your attention artifacts of the Bronze Age, the Early Iron Age and the Late Middle Ages, revealing the history and culture of our country. The hall area is 1027.2 sq.m. 2nd floor, 3rd floor 1235.0 square meters. The exhibits in the exhibition hall are archaeological finds of the Early Iron Age, covering a large time period in the history of Kazakhstan.

Hall of Graphics and Sculpture

The exposition tells about the formation of a professional school of fine arts in Kazakhstan and presents the works of such masters as in graphics – E. Sidorokin, A. Dinikeev, U. Azhiev, N. Ashtem, S. Aitbayev, M. Yerzhanov, A. Ismailov, A. Akanaev, K. Zakirov, P. Antonenko, N. Gaev, V. Tolchinsky. in sculpture - K. Nurbaturov, A. Bilyk, Y. Bushtruk, E. Mergenov, E.Sergebaev, A. Kumarov, D. Sarsekeev, N. Mukhataeva, P. Ivanov, D. Brodskaya. The hall area is 244.5 sq.m.